Collection: UVF Order Page

Use this link after approval from Department Director and Purchasing Department using the Purchase Requisition Form.  After purchase request is approved submit an order to UVF Print Shop for merchandise.  Please order accurate Size, Color, and Quantity. 

Allow 6 weeks for approval, ordering, and production of deliverables. 

If items require artwork or graphics, please submit a Marketing request. Marketing requests require 4 weeks. Please allow additional 4 weeks for the production time of merchandise.

Order Directions:

Choose shirt color and size, add to the cart.  Adjust quantities in the cart.
Add notes about design, design colors, and locations in Notes section. (Desktop Only, add in followup email if ordered on mobile device.
Do NOT pay through the website, under Payment section in checkout window, choose UVF Interdepartmental Payment. Enter your name and UVF's address, choose pickup, nothing will be shipped. 
Keep the confirmation email for your accounting records.
If you do not see a desired color or style, call Zach House to have it added. Ext. 1564 or
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